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Truth be told, I personally have a special  preference for woodland theme. The colors and textures in the woods give me so much inspiration.  I am definitely into those cute animals living in the woods.


But today instead of talking about adorable animals, I am going to introduce my latest crochet creations to you . Dah, dah, they are sweet toadstools in multiple sizes.


I have always wanted to make some toadstools in my own way. They just love so lovely and adorable. They can be tied to your key ring which adds a bit of cuteness. You can simply use it a toy for babies. Some of you may have a little garden, isn’t it cute to drop some of these cuties into your garden as decorations.

1461480652343_1f0df2a6-679e-4743-bb34-f8edf751b364_by_filter_conew1While making them, I took notes down and complied them into PDF form . In the pattern you can find 4 different toadstools. If you like me, really into toadstools, I recommend you to give this pattern a try. It works up fast and turns out quite good too. 1461480647724_cdf6675b-15bf-4855-873f-c5b046e08f15_by_filter

It is a really beginner friendly pattern and  has detailed instructions and step by step photos. Here below you can find some information you may want to know. And any questions you have in the making process, feel free to contact me, I will try my best to help you as much as you can.

  1. Crochet toadstool amigurumi
  2. Finished size: 15cm*5cm
  3. Any worsted weight yarn
  5. 3.5mm crochet hook
  6. Tapestry needle