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Hi dear followers. It has been a long time since i updated here. Actually i never stop my craft . I am  just way too busy to  find bits time to update. Now i am back with my  lastest knitting design.

I seriously started knitting in April in 2017.  It totally openned a new world to me.  I was able to knit some simple scarf sts when i was in school. But back then i was not able to figure out why and how it works. Since i have done 3 years of crochet design, somehow, my brain is much more ready for knitting than i expected .  So I just pick it  up and refresh myself with those basic knitting terminolgoies,

Yes, this pumkin is my latest project. I have seen other pumpkin designs. But i do not like those KFB sts used throughout the whole pattern. KFB is simple and easy, but when you have a closer look at it, it looks a bit floppy. I tried different ways to increase sts , because i do not want the increases to look so  obvious. I am glad that i make it in the end. It looks much smoother and nicer than just using kfb.

When it comes to colors,  instead of using traditional pumpkin colors, I am totally lost in these pink shades. They are just too sweet and pretty. They are puna yarn from @Dropdesign.  I have to say, they are my favorite shades for 2017. lol

Of course, I will never forget to  make some big and small pumpkins in autumn colors. You can make small ones to decorate your autumn show table. It brings autumn atmosphere right away to your house.  And if you are patient enough, you can increase it to be as big as you want to form a pumpkin pillow. What a wonderful idea, it just takes up a lot of time.

I also came up with an idea of making heart shapes into this pumpkin.  Isn’t it too cute ?  Love for you always  in Autumn!

I have finished this knitting pattern and in the pattern you can find 3 different sizes  of pumpkin. The pattern is written is UK terms which is in cm.

So far I have this pattern available in my Etsy and Craftsy  and Ravelry pattern shop. Here below you can find some information you may want to know. And any questions you have in the making process, feel free to contact me, I will try my best to help you out.

  1. Drops puna
  3. 4mm dpn needles
  4. Tapestry needle
  5. Cotton fiber filling.

I am open for custom orders if you are interested. XOXO

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